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Oneida hot air furnace got a bunch of ?

JoeG Member Posts: 88
Hi, OK in the house I just purchased and am in the process of remodeling theres a oneida hot air furnace. I am unsure how old it is id say at least 20 years old.

I fired it up today ( It was ran dry when the people moved out a year ago) It fired right up I changed the nozzle ( .85 70 A was what was in it and It calls for on the label ) and it had a general 25 oild filter houseing which was leaking so I changed it out for a Gen 700 Model.

1. I am new to hot air always used a oil fired hot boiler, what is the control for that has like 3 settings I think min is set as 100 = off 140 = On and 200 = Off if I am reading it right.  What should this be set and how?

2. Anything you can tell me about the system? it has a becket gun and over all it runs real quite the chamber looks real good it it.



  • JoeG
    JoeG Member Posts: 88

    The Chamber was clean, Furnace was serviced right before the house went to foreclouser. The filter houseing was spotless they did suck the tank dry.  Fires and runs real quiet. 

    I oiled the motor for the fan, does the cage have a spot to oil? what else You said burner motor I dont  See a spot for oil on that I know my peerless boiler with beckett gun the motor was oiled from factory.

    I think myfan settings  are 100 off 140 on 200 off are those good numbers?

    And on the beckett gunthere is a Webster pump do they have a screen or anything that needs to be checked on them?

    What kind of pressure should the pump be set at?

  • JoeG
    JoeG Member Posts: 88

    Where would the oil cups be on the burner motor?

    Also I have heard the webster pumps dont have screens if they do I can't seem to find any anywhere. Anyone know for sure? I know the suntec pumps do have them.
  • JoeG
    JoeG Member Posts: 88

    Don't have access to a Camera at this time.
  • billtwocase
    billtwocase Member Posts: 2,385

    in the 50's had strainers, but newer units don't. Is that a belt driven blower, or direct drive? Some older bearings (pillow block) had oilers, but most are just sleeved bearings that will eventually go bad, needing a new shaft also. Never just have the blower bearings replaced without replacing the shaft also. Direct drive the motor is inside the blower wheel itself, and one oiler is accessible if you are lucky. As far as pump pressure, It will most likely be 100 psi, unless there is a label on the burner stating otherwise. I think these were a product of Hallmark?
  • JoeG
    JoeG Member Posts: 88

    Its a belt I saw two oil ports on the fan motor I don't see any on the cage or what ever you call the thing that the motor spins.

    I also looked on the motor thats on the beckett gun and I dont see any oil port.
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