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Cover condensers for the winter?

Should we cover condensers for the winter?   Some snow here except for last winter in Baltimore where the placed closed. 

If we cover,  should that be a tarp or canvas type material?



  • Empire_2
    Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343
    Everyone asks this Q:?

    The condensing unit is made to be out doors and as a result is subject to all the weather has to throw at it.  Covers are great to protect the paint job and keep stray leaves from fallins inside.  Your answer is "It wouldn't hurt".  Tarp is fine but just remember to take it off next spring or trouble will follow. 

    Mike T.
    [email protected] Member Posts: 139

    I concur with the above. They are made to be outside. Of course my Carrier decal on the top is faded beyond recognition in only 2 years but it doesn't affect the operation so who cares?

    I have always told people that must cover the condenser to only cover the top. That keeps the big stuff out and lets it breathe. I have seen condensers covered better than food in the refrigerator. With the temperator differances seen thru-out the winter, you have created a rust accelerator when you wrap them up that tight.

    Don in Mo
  • Steve Bukosky_2
    Steve Bukosky_2 Member Posts: 12
    Yes, just cover the top.

    To prevent corrosion and deterioration, a board and a brick to hold it down is all that is needed.
  • Ex Maine Doug
    Ex Maine Doug Member Posts: 162
    Thanks guys.

    Top covers it shall be.

  • Every Year!

    As mentioned, this question comes up time and time again. I don't think that I can remember a year that this question was not posed.

    As the others have mentioned, the unit is made to be outisde, so covering it is not mandatory. If you are concerned with leaves and debris entering the unit, then by all means, cover it.

    If you think that by covering the unit you will be extending the life of the system, think again.

    Have a great winter!
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