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Rinnai 110 cp DHW trouble...

Fishmael Member Posts: 3
About 3 months ago I installed a Rinnai  E110 cp  boiler in a customer's house,w/not a clue or setup instrument....gosh I seem to find myself there a lot...the latest problem is the folks can't get adequately hot DHW beyond the mixing valve. You can't hold onto the Hot pipe to the AM-100,but the output,wide open,is less than 120 F...not an adult shower temp...switched out the temp valve to no avail...the company I work for doesn't want  to see it installed w/out a temp valve,but the customer wants the hot water they can feel in the pipe...that they paid for...but cannot access...how to please both parties? I thought a B+G circuit setter  that could be "locked" in place might be an acceptable out liability-wise...it's a jet-pump system,and I think that may be the root of the problem....the other one we've done on city water has none of these issues...any thoughts? Anyone...?


  • Jack
    Jack Member Posts: 1,046
    That unit when operating normally

    Will produce 3.2 gpm at 70f rise. The temp valve is essential. The output for the 110C's is set at 132f and not adjustable. Have you been able to accurately monitor the house water pressure? While I haven't seen it, do you suppose the 3-way valve isn't diverting all the way? Is the pump set on high speed. It must be to drive the flow for the plate hx. Check parameter 43 for max output in dhw. It reads in kw, so X3414. Have you checked the gas pressure at max input. If you are getting erratic pressure on the well side then you may be correct on the cause. Rinnai tech is 800 621-9419.
  • Jack
    Jack Member Posts: 1,046
    Something else...

    Did you install the flow restrictor. It is a part of the accessory kit. Without it you will end up with fluctuating temps.
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