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hot Member Posts: 2
Hi...I live on the third floor of a walk up in brooklyn with classic ny radiator/steam heat. Dont know much but I think the system is via a gas boiler which heats the water as well. Our problem is too much heat(!) I know this is better then not enough, but it is brutal. Im talking upper 80's in the apt with all windows open and fans on blowing air from outside in, all winter long 24hrs/day. Obviously a concern is the frank waste of energy, but as important is how incredibly uncomfortable and unhealthy this is. Even on the most freezing days it is unbearable in here. So the heat went on last night, and we all feel like we cant face another winter.

The problem- the radiators have knobs on them, but when adjusted or closed they leak. We have had two different guys who work in the building look at this, one attempted and quickly aborted when steam and water began shooting into our room. The second guy made us hopeful, closed the knob. Heater off in the living room (which we would opt for in a heart beat, all winter long)- this is the worst room, and it was quite comfortable for several days, I guess there is enough heat in the building and from the bedrooms that it did not get cold. We were ready to kiss the guy. But then the leak showed itself- our ceiling and our up and downstairs neighbors all essentially started to drip and collect water and then caved in. Seriously. Everyone tells us its not possible. The downstairs apts are obviously cooler, and occupied by elderly ladies who want lots of heat all the time.

We rent but are willing to pay for any adjustments we could make that would allow us to adjust the amount of heat in all rooms, or at least just shut off the radiator in the living room forever.

Sorry for the long winded post- Im obviously at wits end. And desperate!


  • nicholas bonham-carter
    nicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,576
    radiators too hot

    do you know if this is 1-pipe or 2 pipe steam heat [a picture of the radiator would help]. definitely the over-heating is a waste of energy, and would not have been tolerated when the system was installed long ago, as these systems can be uniform and quiet, when properly maintained!--nbc
  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 16,459
    There are

    plenty of good steam men in NYC. Try the Find a Contractor page of this site. Put your landlord in touch with some of them- he'll save big-time on fuel when this is fixed.

    There are several possible causes, and they probably aren't in your apartment, which is why your landlord needs to address this.
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