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In joist heating

rebmech Member Posts: 7
I have a customer that is dead set against using the aluminum underfloor tracks for his under floor heating system due to the extra costs. I cannot seem to find some of the pros and cons about this anywhere. I have always used them on other jobs so do not have any hands on knowledge on how well or poorly it works with out them.

Any thoughts...?


  • Gerald
    Gerald Member Posts: 1
    Thermofin C Tracks

    There are acouple of reasons to use the tracks is. one you can run the boiler at a lower temp thus saving on operating cost. the other is you get a quicker response from the system and the BTU output is a lot greater and you can even size the boiler smaller thus saving on cost of materials. but from my expirience I always use the tracks on my projects. I like Thermofin c tracks from Radiant engineering. their prices are great. there also a cheaper version of the tracks Thermofin thin fin.tracks.
  • kcopp
    kcopp Member Posts: 3,819
    thre are some times....

    when  it is best to walk away.... If he does not value your professional opinion chances are that if you do as he asks it might  come back to bite you on that design day in January where the system will not maintain temp. Don't know your exact situation but it may work or not depending on a lot of factors... do the numbers.
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