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steam control

Does anybody have any experience with a control by exquisite heat inc,from pleasantville new york? any info apprecited.mainly looking for anyone who has one and if it has worked well/and saved money on fuel costs.


  • RodRod Posts: 2,067
    Steam Control

    Hi- Thanks for the info. I'm not familiar with this one though on a quick read through, it just seems like a fancy thermostat with anticipator. I couldn't find what they were asking for the unit but if your are interested in steam controls you might want also want to take a look at the Tekmar 279

    - Rod
  • Patrick_NorthPatrick_North Member Posts: 249
    Whut fer?

    Rod, I've read this literature before and while it looks cool, I can't say I get the intended application if you're running unzoned 1 pipe steam, like me.

    If your boiler and or radiation is not terribly oversized AND you have a good thermostat, what is the big money saving benefit to this control?


  • RodRod Posts: 2,067
    Steam Control

    Hi Patrick-  I quite agree with you. When I looked over the 279 about two years ago I came to the conclusion that for my small residential system there wasn't a large enough money saving (payback) to make it worth while (for me) which is why I don't have one.

    I remember thinking that with a multiple dwelling unit or a very large house it might make economic sense.( I think NBC has one (?) )

      I just have a plain thermostat with a set cycle function. Since there seems to be little benefit using the set back function for steam that feature isn't really used other than a day and slightly lower night setting.

    My reason for mentioning the 279 was to make known a possible alternative. The 279 has a lot to offer with condensate sensor and multiple indoor and outdoor temperature sensors plus a fairly advanced computer control.  Some of the newer thermostats (lots of bells & whistles) on the market are offered at a pretty hefty price. If one is considering one of these high ticket items then the 279 maybe a practical alternative.

    - Rod
  • tekmar steam control

    rod, thanks for remembering my much earlier post!

    i do have one [#269] in a box, but have not installed it yet. i am still operating on a visionpro, with a remote sensor mounted in the 2nd floor north apt, which always received the heat last, and had more outside exposure.

    now that the "old days" are gone with new boiler, reduced pressure, etc. this room gets heat as quickly as the rest of the house. however it still has the most exposure to the falling temperatures. as a result, i feel that i have a primitive sort of outdoor reset. and will feel the falling temperatures sooner.

    the advantage of the tekmar, which i will install sometime, is the real outdoor reset, and the ability to have at least 2 indoor sensors.

    this will happen when i have finished with the slate roofing repairs! --nbc
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