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Pilot light and flame questions

I have a  Crown -- JSI172      6" flue     BTU in 172,000       out BTU 140,000      438 sq foot.

my pilot has three outlets it fans about about 3" wide and about 2" high. The heat is enough to prime about 2' of a 3' rise in the b vent system. To me this seems like a big pilot (you can rally hear it)  but I never checked it until now. I had to move my furnace recently but the gas lines overall length is still pretty close to what it was. After firing the boiler the flames seemed very high like 4-5 " high and very yellow IT was almost like a halo surrounding the tops of the flames.  I turned down the pressure adjustment and this solved the high flame issue however the pilot is still as big as it was before the adjustment. So is this pilot just par for the boiler.

I should note

there was plenty of blue in the flames it was the tips that were yellow

with a whitish ring ( the halo around the top) The pilot is all blue

IN addition here is my boiler.

<a href=""></a>


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