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approx age of american standard steamer?

Could any body give me a ballpark idea of the age of this American Standard Steam boiler?

Also what was the rated efficiency of something like this when it was new?



  • SteamheadSteamhead Member Posts: 13,866
    edited September 2010

    or very early seventies. A-S sold their boiler line to Burnham about 1971.

    I've seen very high stack temps on sme of these. If it were mine I'd replace it. Here are two types I'd use if I was going gas, since they offer the best efficiency- the Smith G8 and Slant/Fin Intrepid, fitted with power gas burners.
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  • tlj000tlj000 Member Posts: 11

    Thanks Steamhead, that was fast
  • Early to Mid 60's

    I had that same G-series boiler in my home and gas came to the area about 62, I believe.  I combustion tested a steamer model about that size and got a calculated efficiency of about 78%.  They had pretty tight control of excess air, so, as Steamhead recently observed, stack temps were higher than newer models,  newer models typically let alot more extra air into the combustion, so this lowers temps. However, with standby losses inherently so high with that type of boiler, and usually they are oversized, I would expect the seasonal efficiency to be closer to 60 to 65%.   I'd replace it with a Slantfin Intrepid with a gas burner, or if you need a quieter boiler and have a tighter budget ina smaller home, a Slantfin Galaxy.
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