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evap coil ratings?

I have an evap coil in a home, maybe 5 years old, and I need to convert to 410. Coil is spotless, looks like it was just installed. My goal would be to add a TXV and use same coil, but I cant find any info on that coil's rating. Just a name, model number is scratched, somewhat unreadable. International Comfort Products, Model # EPA....something. No serial number.

What is the average pressure with 410 vs 22?

Just a guy running some pipes.


  • More Info?

    International Comfort Products is the "mother company" of other more recognizable manufacturers such as Arcoaire, Heil and Tempstar. If the coil was factory pressure tested at at least 235 psig, then you can use the coil in conjuction with R-410A. If it was only pressure tested to 150 psig, the answer is no. The operating pressures of R-410A are 40 to 70% higher than those for R-22. For example, at a 40 degree evaporator coil the low side pressure is 68.5 psig for R-22, but 118 psig for R-410A.

    If you can't get more data on the coil, I would error on the side of caution and replace it.

    Keep us posted.
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