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RIP 1937-2010

After 73 years of service, this Ideal RedFlash No. 3 Boiler has since been abated and dismantled. Fortunately the leak on this boiler started last May giving ample time to spec and order a replacement, line the chimney, pour a new concrete pad where the iron man sat under the boiler, and get the electrical and makeup air to code.

The Burnham 5015B that was ordered in July and just arrived today and the install has been scheduled for next week.  As the building manager of the condo building, the timing could not be more perfect!


  • what is the tank next to the boiler?

    is that an old hot water storage tank? it looks similar to one we still have [no longer connected].

    you were so lucky to have been able to do this replacement well before winter.

    have you followed our advice here, and installed a vaporstat, to keep the pressure low [2-8 ounces]? have you also considered a 2-stage "hi-lo-hi" burner, so that when your system pressure has reached 6 ounces, then the burner downfires to maybe 75%?--nbc
  • John Mills_5John Mills_5 Member Posts: 935
    After pictures

    Looking forward to seeing the finished result!
  • rsarinrsarin Member Posts: 3
    The tank

    Hi Nicholas,

    Yes, that is the old hot water storage tank that was abandoned 30+ years ago.  It is about 500 gallons, and this is for a 14 unit building!  From what I have been told, they put large tanks in so they did not have to stoke the boiler continually in the summer months.

    The new boiler was ordered with a hi-lo-hi burner and vaporstat!  No longer having an oversized boiler, this one should work perfect at low pressure during those few weeks in the winter when it fires 24/7.  The old 2 million BTU unit we ran at 2.5 lbs just to minimize short cycling even though all the radiator were hot before the pressure gauge moved (once the old coal rated vents were replaced). 

    The feed water will also be going through a water softener to reduce scale and we will finally be able to track water usage with the meter that will be installed.  Underground returns and no idea what shape they are in...
  • rsarinrsarin Member Posts: 3
    After pictures

    Will definately post updated pictures once the job is complete.
  • soft water-good or bad for boilers

    i would be a little wary of using water-softener water as make up water in a boiler. if the system is tight, there should be very little need for additional water, and therefore not much calcium to worry about; however the chloride residue from a water softener is a danger [see graphitic corrosion in the search feature]. don't even store the salt next to a boiler.--nicholas
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