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Replaced valve and some pipe.

I replaced my flow control valve along with steel pipe. I then filled the system up with water and bleed the radiators. I had one small leak, drip from a steel 1.5 inch to 2.0 inch adapter that meets up to the valve. I had to tighten that adapter all the way with a big pipe wrench to stop that leak.

My question is: Can you over tighten a steel adapter like that? I pulled as hard as I could until I couldn't turn it anymore and the leak stopped. Its not leaking anymore, just wondering if it will be ok being that tight? I hate to drain the whole system and take it all apart again.



  • icesailoricesailor Member Posts: 7,265

    You can overtighten steel fittings. If you overtighten a cast iron threaded fitting, you will crack it. If you overtighten a malable iron fitting, it will tighten as you turn and tighten it. When you reach that place where you think you might go a little farther and not make it around, it will tighten, then loosen. You have stretched the fitting and it will probably leak.

    Me personally, I ONLY use teflon tape and teflon pipe dope together. I put the tape on the male end of the fitting and cover it with paste. I often paste the inside of the fitting. I can tighten it with a pair of large pliers and never have a leak.

    The fitting you write about will probably leak over time.

    If I find a leak, I take it apart and use teflon tape and paste.

    It's worked for me for over 40 years.

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