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Wet Returns

CWS Member Posts: 17
What is the best way to tell how bad your return run, equalizers and wet side is without actually doing a visual. Is it always done by the boilers water level and operation? How do you know where your mud is and how far back it is? Do you guys just flush from the farthese point and work in? Every time I see the bad one's it seems that a hose would never be enough to flush the mud/sediment out. Have you ever drilled and tapped to get a hose bib in? I would be afraind to weld a fitting in on older pipe due to the posibility of comprimised pipe intergrity... especially on the wet side. What's the best way to check the wet side and to clean?


  • flushing the returns

    remember that the main steam vent ports would be the best place to screw in a hose fitting for washing out the return.--nbc
  • CWS
    CWS Member Posts: 17

    Is it best to install a shut off valve and drain just before it enters the boiler? Is it recommneded that the return be disconnected from the boiler before flushing? Should I use chemicals? How do I know I got it all  the first time?
  • crash2009
    crash2009 Member Posts: 1,484

    is how we did mine.  I read one of Dan's articles in the resource area and incorporated the valves into our application.  There is also a video there that you can watch.  By closing the valve just before the Hartford we can flush the system without polluting the boiler.  And by closing the 2 supply valves on the header, we can back-flush the boiler.  I just got all this done recently and all these features are still new to me.  When I was watching Dans video on this subject, his words are still burned into my mind "Don't settle for anything less"   Hope this helps.  Sounds to me like you suspect a blockage or restriction.  The last picture is of my old wet return and the blockage, it wasn't blocked completely but it sure slowed the circulation.  I had condensate backed up for 30 feet.
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