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Burner Problem

MacArthur Member Posts: 2
I've got a new customer with an old HB Smith FD-12-4 Boiler and a Carlin 100 CRD burner.  The burner is running really rough, pulsing and vibrating.  I've tried almost everything I know to quiet it down to no avail.  It runs while I'm there, but that evening or next morning it is locked out on flame failure.  Before I did the cleaning the burner ran quiet and smooth.  After the cleaning it began running rough.  Have tried various nozzles and pressure settings but nothing changes.  Very frustrated, can you guys help me out? 


  • kcopp
    kcopp Member Posts: 4,431

    oiltechtalk.com.... lots of guys that all they do is oil.
  • World Plumber
    World Plumber Member Posts: 389
    Set up

    How did you adjust and set it up? The Carlin air mix is mainly in the distance you move the head in and out. If you call Carlin they will send you spec and setup instruction. If you call them they will walk you through the set up on the phone. Are you getting a lot of sooting?
  • waterjet
    waterjet Member Posts: 53
    Carlin's website has the manuals for these burners at http://www.carlincombustion.com/download/instman/burners/residential/oil/mn99102.pdf
    1984 HB Smith BB14-4 oil furnace with Carlin 100CRD burner heating an old two-pipe, gravity, steam system original designed for a coal furnace. Increased venting capacity with Gorton #2s and Hoffman 75s, and installed a Honeywell L408J1009 Vaporstat Controller to reduce pressure. Also replaced all dura-stat modules on traps; two with Barnes & Jones Cage Units in coldest rooms.
  • billtwocase
    billtwocase Member Posts: 2,385
    sounds like it has an "A" style tube assembly, and the ring is now laying inside the chamber. Is the tag red on the blast tube?
  • billtwocase
    billtwocase Member Posts: 2,385
    what nozzle is running in it now?
  • icesailor
    icesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    If it doesn't have the red tag on the burner tube, you probably have the wrong nozzle in it. It MUST be a Hago 60 degree Semi Solid nozzle. They won't run with anything else. A Blue containered Delavan is NOT a Semi Solid nozzle.

    Because you can not get Hago nozzles anymore, Carlin will have to give you what works well in them now. A "A" tube could use about anything but still didn't run well.

    I always found that a 100CRD was NOT a burner you could play "Fun With Nozzles" with and be successful.
  • icesailor
    icesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    I just looked at the PDF that Waterjet posted. Carlin lists a whole bunch of new nozzle types. I think that many of those Smith Boilers came through with Carlin burners on them. Your problems probably have more to do with the wrong nozzle. You don't have one, but Carlin has two plastic electrode setting jigs. A red one and a yellow one. With the Red one that goes for that burner, you can get the settings perfect.

    Years ago, Carlin CRD's were easy. Hago 60 degree SS nozzles did it all. No, not so much.