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Thread sealant

mtlightmtlight Member Posts: 28
Just realized that plumber installed new boiler piping for an eg40 using ProDope. Looking further into this, Petroleum based cleaners and sealants will cause severe damage according to the manual.  Well the damage is done.  What can I do now.  Boiler up and running for 1 season with only minor issues.  Any suggestions,  TSP, Mex?   As far as the piping that is is place in place



  • nicholas bonham-carternicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,124
    boiler damage?

    i presume you are referring to boiler gasket deterioration due to contact with various petroleum products. some oily residues left in the system at first start-up are unavoidable, [pipe threading oil].

    this is the reason for skimming the boiler, as soon as possible after the first few days run. you can do it yourself; and should, as many professionals do not want to take the time needed-many hours.

    dan's book, "the lost art of steam heating", available in the shop here discusses this in great detail, and you can easily do it yourself.--nbc
  • mtlightmtlight Member Posts: 28

    i have skimmed numerous times. Slow long skims. I have a few issues with water/moisture in the site glass above the water line.  That being said, my biggest concern is the warning against using pretroleum based sealants. Prodope was used it is P based and extensive pipe work was done.  Work was done a year ago. Used for one winter.  Warning label in the manual state  serious damage could occur.  Anyone ever have the same issue? 
  • Charlie from wmassCharlie from wmass Member Posts: 4,123
    I use prodope

    I do not have to do excessive skimming or over the top cleaning processes as I am neat with the sealant.
    Cost is what you spend , value is what you get.

    cell # 413-841-6726
  • KeithCKeithC Member Posts: 38

    Unless the guys are particularly messy there will be very little pipe joint lubricant in the pipe itself. Skim and you'll be fine.

  • Al Letellier_21Al Letellier_21 Member Posts: 402
    pipe dope

    I installed hundreds of steam boilers,mostly Weils and have never had an issue with pipe dope. Properly done, pipe dope doesn't get in the system. As mentioned, threading oils have a better chance of causing issues and I've never had issues with that either. With good skimming, I don't see any issues worth losing sleep over. The real concern here is with boiler additives or cleaning chemicals that are petroleum based. I really don't think you have much to worry about here. Talk to you local rep to ease any fears you may have.
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