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Please help me figure out radiator EDR

Mark_125Mark_125 Member Posts: 56
Hello Steam Experts,

I'm trying to get a head start on my heating system early this year. Last winter I had my main vents upgraded, pipes insulated, thermostat replaced and boiler serviced. This bought my gas bill for the winter down by about 10% and resulted in a much more responsive system (radiators start to warm after 12 minutes vs 90 with no insulation). This year I'm planning to get the venting on all my Radiators figured out. I have most of the charts and books from resources available here but a couple of things elude me.

1) when measuring the height of the radiator to determine EDR do I measure from the bottom of the legs to the top of the tubes or just the height of the tubes themselves.

2) My kitchen and bathroom have a different kind of radiator that I can't find any reference for. I've attached a photo, can somebody please help me figure out how I calculate EDR for them.

(Please forgive the state of that radiator, this house needs a lot of updating and we're getting to it soon)

Many thanks,



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