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BHP Member Posts: 1
I have an old 1940 Locomotive style steam boiler , it has been converted to natural gas at some point. We would like to replace with a Weil Mclaen LGB series. 0f course any rating plate is non existent. the info I do have is 60.39sq metre of heating surface & releif valve rated for 2359 KG/H. I am wondering what kind of efficiency rating this old boiler would have and how can this 2359 KH/h converted to square feet of steam. Any suggestions.



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  • nicholas bonham-carter
    nicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,576
    rating old boiler

    even if there had been an ID plate on the old boiler, there would have been no guarantee that the sizing had been done properly.

    you will have to recalculate the square feet of the connected radiation, and go from there. be sure to include in your pricing a vaporstat to keep the new boiler in the sweet spot of 2-8 oz, with a good low pressure gauge for verification.

    old systems like this had very inadequate main line venting because the coal fire burned for weeks at a time, whereas no it will be on again, off again, and that air needs to be let out quickly, so plan on plenty of Gorton #2's!--nbc
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