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Zoning and piping questions

Vad Member Posts: 55
Hello All,

I am planning to install a boiler along with baseboard heating on 2

floors and in the basement. The house in NY. It has 2 floors (1700sqf for both floors)

+ basement (around 850sqf)

My questions:

 How many zones do I need? Probably I should have at least 3 zones (1

zone on each level).  To be more energy efficient, I am thinking additionally

divide each floor (basement excluding) to 2 zones - 1 zones for two

bedromoomes and 1 zone for a living room. I would do it only if the energy I

save with such setup could recover cost for installation and equipment for

extra two zones in couple of years.

 The other related question is should I use two-pipe system or one-pipe

for my house on each floor. And if I choose two-pipe system, should I use

two-pipe reverse  system or just regular two-pipe system?

   As for as I understand, with two pipe system I get the same temperature in

all the radiators and they can have the same size. Is this the only advantage?

Is the two-pipe system considered more energi efficient. If so, will I be able

to recover the extra cost for the installation in couple of years? How much

more expencive installation of two-pipe system compared with one-pipe?

Thank you a lot,



  • kcopp
    kcopp Member Posts: 4,432

    Keep it simple. complexity only makes headaches and in the long run cost somebody (maybe you) money. Do the proper heatloss and do a series loop for each zone. kpc
  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 22,131
    depends on how you use the space

    if you have rooms or areas that are not used in the winter, guest bedrooms, etc, it might be nice to zone those. More zones= more control and adjustability. It does add cost and more maintenance, as all electromechanical devices fail at some point.

    It's like buying a new truck, how many options do you need or want :)

    As for piping options, it really depends on the layout of you home, piping routes, etc.

    In some cases a home run system offers all the benefits you want and the ability to zone at a later date. Every radiator or fin tube gets a small S&R. Zoning can be done at the radiator with a TRV, or at a manifold with an actuator.

    Plenty of choices to go over with a contractor that is familiar with the options, pros and cons.

    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
    Living the hydronic dream
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