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Triangle Tube boilers

bob eck
bob eck Member Posts: 930
 I have a contractor that is looking at installing a Triangle Tube Prestige excellence model PE110 and it is on a old system with cast iron radiators. He is doing a heat loss of the house and it will come in under the 110,000 BTU rating of this boiler and the domestic hot water heater will take care of the hot water needs.

the radiators are way over sized and we can run the water temp at lower temp to save money.  Boiler should be condensing most of the time. What kind of experience do you have on this type of job? What did you set the outdoor reset control to? Have you used the Prestige boilers on copper baseboard jobs? If so how did they work on baseboard jobs? thanks for the info.



  • tim smith
    tim smith Member Posts: 2,765
    Re: TT Prestige boiler

    Used them on all of the above many times. Usually on oversized systems, we set up 90 min to 140 or 150 max with od design for climate we are in. You can verify what max temp you want at full design heat loss vs output of radiation at various temps. Great piece of equipment
  • CMadatMe
    CMadatMe Member Posts: 3,086
    edited August 2010
    Many Jobs

    Bob I have done many jobs with a mod/con in this application and with fin-tube. Curve will be set based on the loss. I would strongly urge the use of LLH or Pri/sec. Is this going to be constant circulation? Are thermostactics being used?Your going to need to break that heat loss out to the zones if this is zoned. Measurer emiiters, and figure out btu output of the rads per sqft of EDR based off that heat loss.Have done quite a few jobs where there was both cast and fin-tube  They were Vitodens 200 jobs though.  Ran a 3-way motorized mixing valve for the cast and set the boiler curve for the fin-tube. Fin-Tube jobs are real common. Heat loss and measurement of existing radiation are critical. Have even changed zones out to high cap board just to get into condensing mode all heat season. Not sure if triangle offers multiply water temps via plug and play here is the US as they do with the boiler over the pond. Attached is a little chart I have for cast iron rad output at given water temps. Hope it helps you out. 

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