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Hot Rod - Caleffi

I recently purchased a Rehau manifold and was supplied with Caleffi manifold connectors for P-A-P tubing.  Do you know if these connectors will work with Zurn P-A-P tubing?

I've been using Rehau manifolds for years and appreciate the quality and durability.  Now, I'm hearing that you should match the materials; tubing and manifolds should be the same manufacturer. 
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  • hot_rod
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    That is what we call the segmented plastic ring that goes around the tube. Ours is segmented to accommodate tolerance range, or slightly out of round tube. As long as the tube has the ASTM F876 listing on it, our fitting will work.

    We also have two o-rings for a good seal and a isolation washer built up inside the fitting to keep the aluminum tube barrier from touching the brass fitting (electrolysis potential)

    We have some unique features built into our fittings shown below.

    We have tested the fitting with most of the pex available. We also have actuators with a -R that fit onto Rehau manifolds.

    But the tube manufacturer makes the final call on warranty issues if you use other brands, ask for an approval letter from them to be covered.

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  • Caleffi

    Yes, we are using the Caleffi actuators as well.   Thanks for the info.

    Often wrong, never in doubt.
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