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Home insurance increased for slab radiant.

Tom Saggau
Tom Saggau Member Posts: 4
I have not checked with clients, but my homeowners insurance went up again this year.

7 year old steel frame, in slab radiant, rehau pex, wm modcons.

Insurance agent said the increase was due to the radiant.

It will leak and require repair (according to the insurance company).

Nationally known ins. company.

Anyone else heard of this?

Thanks Tom


  • I would

    certainly do some checking around.

    Have had insurance co`s question BI on closed heating systems, as they do not know what they are looking-at & applications of same.
  • Tom Saggau
    Tom Saggau Member Posts: 4
    Further reason

    The woman I am husband to relayed that the agent also said that these systems clog up! and require breaking out the floor to repair!

    I have checked with two clients that just paid the increase without question.

    At least hitting my head against this wall is painless.


  • Unknown
    edited July 2010
    "The woman I am husband to",,

    Interesting way of putting-it Tom.

    If there was a shortage of these insurance "idiots" in my area I would be asking for names just for educational purposes.

    As I said,,, many agents DO-NOT know what they are even looking-at, and I do not think there is any authority to educate them about other fields, if you find-out, I for-one would really like to know!

    PS-Glad you didn`t hurt your head!!!
  • Jean-David Beyer
    Jean-David Beyer Member Posts: 2,666
    Clog Up?

    I wonder why an hydronic heating system would clog up. My system has been thereover 50 years and shows no sign of clogging up. But why would in-floor radiant clog any faster than baseboard, for example? Why clog at all? Mine is all copper tubing, mostly 1/2 inch except for the near-boiler piping that is 1 1/4 inch and 28 feet of Slant/Fin that is 3/4 inch.

    I suppose if there were a leak that was ignored for years and not fixed, the incoming fresh water could deposit salts there, but would the clogging not be in the boiler, where things are presumably the hottest? My guess is that, by Murphy's Law, it would clog the pressure relief valve shut first. ;-)

    Do the professionals here EVER see clogged radiant heating tubes?
  • CMadatMe
    CMadatMe Member Posts: 3,086
    Ask Your Agent This

    Do all the customers you have that heat with forced hot air get an increase each year? When he asks you why, ask him. ,Do you check to make sure they have a electronic air cleaners and uv proctection that kill any potential germs and spores that blow around their house that could potentially spread diesase... That could be costly... or..

    Do you go to every customers house each year and inspect their chimmney or ask your clients to provide an inspection report each year? Seems that a fire would be more costly than my radiant tubing that will live out you and me....Also, could you please provide me the studies you are basing "clogged" systems on?
    "The bitter taste of a poor installation remains much longer than the sweet taste of the lowest price."
  • TMorg
    TMorg Member Posts: 23
    Increased Insurance

    Can you say buried garden hose? We all get painted with the same brush.
  • RPA_Ted
    RPA_Ted Member Posts: 2
    Insurance Scam Homeowners

    Seems to me that they are judging or rating all radiant systems based on previous experience with Entran 2.

    There is no data that I am aware of, with billions of feet installed worldwide, that supports barrier PEX clogging.
  • RPA_Ted
    RPA_Ted Member Posts: 2
    Radiant and Homeowner's Insurance

    Checked with State Farm here in NY and was told that this practice would not fly. The policy might be more expensive up front based on various factors in building construction, but once the rate was established there would not be changes based on what might happen...

    However, I am also told that this varies by state as allowed or not by law. Also, recently in NY at least, it was decided that there can be adjustments based on claims made against the policy.
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