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Rechargable Batteries....Ni Cad

kcopp Member Posts: 4,443
We all have battery operated tools. Some better than others. They all eventually lose battery performance. While looking for replacements on-line I came across the "battery miracle" on ebay that claims for 10 bucks you can buy a way to get more bang out of your battery.... anyone ever done this? Is it a scam? Any merit? kpc


  • eluv8
    eluv8 Member Posts: 174
    edited July 2010

    While it does work on some batteries its not a new idea or worth 10 bucks in my opinion but if you want I take donations.

    All they are doing is hooking up the battery to a quick shot of high voltage and literally shocking the battery back to life and dissolving the crystals that have formed inside the battery allowing it to hold a charge again. If I remember right its about twice the operating voltage but I have done it for quick bursts of up to 4 times the voltage with success. 24 volt to house current with a diode in the circuit for example (I have also wired in a light bulb to reduce the voltage down to a more acceptable value), or for 12 and 18 volt to two or three car batteries in series for a few seconds.

    If the crystals are the only thing holding it back sometimes it works. If its weak due to internal failures it will not. The higher the quality and newer batteries have the higher chances  of bringing some life back into the battery.

    Of course there is the potential to explode or cause the battery to vent but hey the battery does work again right. Well for a few more months anyhow and results do vary wildly from battery to battery.

    If you decide to do this take appropriate safety precautions and do not just hold the wires to the side of the battery with your hands!

    I personally have not had a battery explode and have done this on more than 10 batteries but you never know.
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