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So far off topic, it can't be classified!

So, it's hotter than the hinges of hates where we live & work. Late afternoon - sitting at a red light on the main one-way street downtown - been hearing sirens for a few minutes - boy, they sure seem to be getting loud. SUV comes careening around the corner - turns the wrong way on the one-way street - straight at me - dodges up onto the sidewalk - cop car right behind him - clips off several parking meters - dodges a pedestrian who leaps up/back to land on an abanodoned mattress - and smacks head-on into a telephone pole right beside me not 4' away!

Driver bails & takes off down a side-street - cop bails chasing him. I'm left to chase the other perp who did a face-plant on the inside of the wind shield first. He turns the corner in an alley and runs into the open arms of the law! Bloodied & battered from his face-plant. Tells the cops he was an innocent bystander who got clipped by the SUV. Sorry, you're busted.

They'd stolen the car just minutes before. Personally - I'm thankful he chose the sidewalk because otherwise I'd have had to eat the front bumper of that stolen SUV.

So we decide to go out to dinner to wind-down. Power goes off midway through dinner. No problem - it's sushi, so no power needed for raw stuff(G). No one leaves & it was a festive mood. Owner visits tables by flashlight.

Maybe tommorow will be hot & routine?   


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