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burnham alpine

Dan_18 Member Posts: 20
Im buying a new house and off the bat it needs a new boiler. I want a high eff mod con boiler and im looking at the alpine.  2185 square feet cast iron radiators built in 1910 stucco up state new york. Im looking for some reveiws of reliablity or service nightmares. Any you guys could give is always respected thanks DAN


  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 16,889
    Two things:

    1: Have you done a heat-loss calculation?

    2: Is there a proper place to vent a mod-con?
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  • gerry gill
    gerry gill Member Posts: 3,078
    in my humble opinion,

    any mod con is just as good as another..where i would focus my concern is on the contractor..find a good one and check out his/her references..these units are more involved than the old cast iron units and they will from time to time have a maintenance issue..hopefully not on a friday night at 5 degrees when the supply house is closed..so one of my questions to the contractor would be does he/she actually stock the repair parts in their own shop? since murphy says the unit will go down on the coldest night and its bound to be a friday..see where i'm going with this..i'd be more concerned with the contractor and the support structure than the particular unit..hope that helps.
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  • bob eck
    bob eck Member Posts: 930
    alpine boier

    burnham alpine is a good boiler but has a stainless steel heat exchanger that requires primary secondary piping and depending on what size boiler you will need for your house it may require a high head pump. still a good boiler.

    take a look at triangle tube prestige solo or their prestige excellence boiler with built in indirect stainless steel water heater that delivers 180GPH @ 70*F temp rise. can run two showers at one time with alsons 1.6 GPM shower heads. Triangle tube prestige boilers have a stainless steel heat exchanger that is self cleaning when the boiler is condensing and holds more water volume than most condensing gas boilers and does not require primary secondary piping on all jobs.

    I have a older home 80 plus years old with cast iron radiators and went from a 3 section oil fired weil mclain boiler with domestic coil to triangle tube prestige excellence boiler and in its first heating season (year) I saved over $1050.00 with nat gas high efficiency with outdoor reset control vs oil. with higher oil costs this year the savings should be higher.
  • CMadatMe
    CMadatMe Member Posts: 3,086

    Your application is a mod/con dream. Like others have said. Step one, have a heat loss calculation done. Step two, find the right contractor. The Burnham Alpine does have a stainless heat exchanger, the control package is also nice. As for primary/secondary. You do not have to pipe this boiler pri/sec as another poster stated. You can use a hydro separator/low loss header as the sage control does have a temp sensor giving the boiler water temp feedback. It will also keep the boiler side separated from the system side. Keeps any junk that may be in those rads away from the heat exchager. No matter whose mod/con you choose in your application it may be the better piping solution. They also don't cost a ton of money and are a clean and easy to install.

    The key to any installation is the contractor. You could have the best boiler in the world but if the entire system to include setting the proper heating curve based on the radiator output and heat loss isn't done properly you will not get the efficiencies these boilers as capable of giving. The best boiler is going to be the one that the contractor you choose is most comfortable with.

    As for the recommendation that you don't need to pri/sec a Triangle the manual specifically states that it is recommended. If you choose not to you must turn off the freeze protection in the control. It is also not the only mod/con boiler that is self cleaning and can be piped without pri/sec within certain limits.

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  • Dan_18
    Dan_18 Member Posts: 20

    thanks guys the alpine looks like a great boiler but after some research im looking at the triangle tube boiler with a low loss header.
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