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Elect. Steam Boiler for mine

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I do a lot of water boilers, but only have a few steam boilers out there. I have a customer that wants to expell water from a mine by boiling it off via an elect steam boiler and collect the remaining residue for disposal. The goal is to boil off 500 to 1000 gallons per day with the latter of course better. What type of a system would you use and what type of tank would collect the residue that would also be easily removable? How would sludging of the unit be prevented?


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    What you're getting into here is distilling, which I would think would be outside the realm of most "ordinary" steam boilers.  There is a type of unit that is used to distill (and recycle) used solvents such as paint thinners and acetone and leaves the residue in the bottom of the "kettle". 

    You might want to try contacting equipment manufacturers in that business. Try Googling "recycling acetone" or "recycling thinners".  The large volume you want to process a day might be a problem as most of the thinner stills made are small volume, however it might be beneficial to contact any manufacturer in this business as they might be able to give you a lead to the manufacturers of larger units.

    I would also look into plain filtering as this might be a more practical approach and would use a lot less energy.

    - Rod
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    Back in the early 90's the company I worked for was in trouble with the

    EPA for flushing ammonium persulfate down the drain. They told us to

    conform or close. We found out that mixing the ammonium persulfate with

    aluminum would tone the effluent down but not enough to satisfy the EPA.

    We did find out we could dispose of the sludge that was created could

    not flush the liquid down the drain.

    After some looking around I built a 30kw evaporator that handled about

    60 gallons a night. Commercial units were available for about $25k, I

    think it cost me about $750 to put my version together and it ran just

    fine for two years. A little ingenuity goes a long way.

    Since your application is in a mine, I imagine you will have to insulate

    your exhaust stack so the vapor doesn't condense before getting

    outside. If the liquid is pumped to the surface that should not be an

    issue.A brief look around turned up this link -


    good luck,

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