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over charge question

#1: I'm wondering if an overcharged A/C system would ever have low suction pressure. Since the superheat is low due to the evaporator being flooded with refrigerant, wouldn't this mean less boiling off and hence lower pressure? Or is it just the volume of liquid that leads to the high pressure. 

#2: Whats the difference between a system that is low on refrigerant and has a warm evaporator and a system that is low on refrigerant and has a frozen evaporator? Is it how much refrigerant is missing?  Would an overcharged system ever lead to a frozen evaporator?




  • Wayne_16
    Wayne_16 Member Posts: 130
    Low air flow across the evaporator coil

    Low air flow across the evaporator coil will frost/freeze and properly charged system, so a overcharged system would freeze also.  Overcharging will not correct a poor air flow situation.

    2 usually the evaporator is only partially covered, unlense the unit is allowed to run for a long time..

    All iced coils, turn the refrigerant system off, operate the blower to melt ice/frost from the coil.  Once fully defrosted and free of ice, then procede with diagnostics, to determine if low on charge, poor air flow or a restriction in the refrigerant circuit.

    Minnesota Wayne
  • Techman
    Techman Member Posts: 2,144

    My money is on an overcharged system will not freeze the AC evap coil,with everthing  else in the system being proper.
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