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Big pex or Little pex

GriffinGriffin Member Posts: 2
This summer I'm replacing my hand fed coal boiler

with an Axeman 130 stoker and thus its time to make some

plumbing up grades as well.

My boiler, in the garage, and distribution manifold in the

basement are 1 1/4" piping.  Going between the two

is an existing 1" line with lots of 90s.  The distance is about

70' in an almost unaccessible crawl space.  I have most painfully

fished some electrical through the area and left plenty of pull

lines for the future.  With one of the lines I fished through

2 1/2" pex lines for domestic water. It was easy.

OK for the question.

My thought was to run an 1 1/4" pex supply and return.

Some issue came up.

1st, 1 1/4" is really expensive.

2nd, manhandling the coil of the stuff is going to be at best a nightmare

        in the tight area.

3rd, to make the turns I'm still going to have about 8 90 elbows.

So I was thinking to make this easier, cheaper and perhaps more

efficient was running 4 lines of 3/4".  2 for supply and 2 for return.

I can easily make a manifold at both ends. 3/4" pex can easy to fish through

and can make the sweeps without any elbows.  It's also a lot less expensive.

What do you guys think.




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