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Two new Gorton No. 2 main vents leaking

micmanjw Member Posts: 1
After reading through the Steamy Deal package and hanging out silently on these forums for a while, I've tackled the venting on my mains in my one pipe steam system.  I removed an ancient Hoffman No. 4 and replaced it with a Gorton No. 2 piped back on a short 2" up 3" back antler.  The vent is piped back from a T where the main drops down to the wet return.

A new Carrier boiler was installed about 1 year back.  I kept a close eye on the installation to make sure it fit the manufacturer's recommended near boiler piping.  I can post some pictures of the boiler if needed.  There are two mains that run off the header, about 75' of 2" pipe on each.  I've started with the venting on one of the mains b/c the vents were behind walls, and I've only exposed one to start.

I have two Gorton No. 2 vents to work with.  Both were purchased ~ 1 year ago from pexsupply, and were kept on the shelf for when the walls were opened.  I installed the first one about two weeks ago.  It did a good job snapping shut when the steam fills the main initially.  However, once all the radiator air vents close in the system and the pressure starts rising, the vent starts to hiss.  The first one hissed pretty loud, and I've switched in a second brand new vent.  The second is quiter, but still vents steam when all of the radiator air vents close during a long firing cycle.  My expectation was that these new vents would seal completely, and that I should not lose any steam if they were working correctly.  Am I expecting too much here?

I checked the pressures on my 0-30 psi gauge when it was leaking initially, and saw 5 psi.  I know this is too high for the system, and cranked the pressuretrol down.  It's now set for 0.5 psi or slightly lower, and the additive adjustment is set to 1 psi.  I have seen the recommendations to get a 0-3psi gauge, but have not taken the leap to start mucking with the stuff right on the boiler yet.  Were I to do this, is adding a T on the pigtail to the pressuretrol an okay place?  The 0-30psi gauge is inset into the jacket and I would prefer to stay outside of it.

Should these main vents shut off completely and not leak any steam?  I've seen some mention of leaky Gorton No. 2s on this message board, could I be facing that situation?  How have others with leaky Gorton valves resolved the issue?

Should I switch to a Hoffman valve instead, or is it worth taking up the issue with Gorton?

Thank you for your advice.


  • nicholas bonham-carter
    nicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,422
    hissssing gortons

    double check your pressure, with a good low-pressure gauge first before calling mr gorton or mr hoffman. a hiss indicates to me that the pressure is too high, either because of a clogged pigtail, or a faulty pressuretrol.--nbc
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