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boiler size

i have a 12 apt. in a building that has a burnham v2009a  steam boiler fired by oil. a contractor came to get estimate for a new gas k5006 burnham boiler , the problem i have is the steam rating on the gas unit is half the steam rating of the oil boiler. the pricing is only for one boiler 


  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 14,345
    Two questions

    1- how did the contractor determine the boiler size?

    2- Is there something wrong with the present boiler, or is this simply motivated by switching from oil to gas?

    If the latter, there's no reason to install a whole new boiler. The model number you posted looks like it's not typed in right (maybe a V-905A?), but if it is in fact a V9 series you can get a powered gas burner for it. This setup will give better thermal efficiency than the K5006B for two reasons: 1- the V9's wet-base design absorbs more heat from the flame, and 2- the powered gas burner needs considerably less excess air input for a clean flame. And it will cost less to go this route.

    If the old boiler is dead, I'd still go with a wet-base power-burner design since it will be more efficient and may require fewer piping changes. The K5006B is a dry-base, atmospheric type of boiler, which is inherently less efficient than the wet-base boiler equipped with a power burner.

    Depending on the size of the boiler, it may be possible to get a burner with low-high-low firing. This is a proven fuel saver that many contractors don't know about- one of our customers saved 40% on his fuel consumption when we hooked up the low-high-low controls on his boiler. I bet the gas company hates him now ;-)

    Tell us more about your building. Where are you located?
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