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slant fin boilers

plumber4plumber4 Member Posts: 13
has anyone had experience with the new Bobcat or Lynx boilers form slantfin? Their warranty is exceptional, price is reasonable, but the one thing I do not understand is in their IOM it states that the spark assembly must be changed every year. Out of all of the manufactures that I have read I have not seen one that has the spark electrode being change at a regular basis. I sent an email of to them and asked the question but it has been over a month with no response. Just food for thought.


  • slant fin boilers

    I have never saw that notification before,,, I wonder why?

    I have not installed-one yet,, but never changed a spark assembly(for years), unless one needed it,,, "huh" news to me.
  • Gary JansenGary Jansen Member Posts: 56
    Must be a "typo" in the latest printing

    I will check with the factory in the morning, and reply in this forum. As the Wisconsin rep, we have a fair number of these units out in the field. We have had good luck with the units that have been properly installed. Those last 2 words are key, as is any product made by any manufacturer. It still amazes me the number of so called heating contractors that don't (or won't) use or even own a combustion analyzer.  Regards, Gary 
  • Bob FlanaganBob Flanagan Member Posts: 67
    Bobcat Boilers

    I would first like to apologize for you not getting a response to your email.  Can you let me know who you wrote to so that I can follow up?   Our current IOM does in fact state that the igniter should be replaced anually.  High Efficiency Gas Boilers maintenance can be compared to the maintnence difference required on high performance automobiles versus our everyday vehicles.  The igniter is essentially this equipments spark plug.  As such it is a key component to these boilers.  Compared to the competitive landscape, our anual maintenance is very simple and inexpensive.  The igniter itself has an intgegral flame snesor which is really the critical part. 

    Our next printing of the IOM will have some changes.  We will be stating that we reccomend that the igniter assembly be inspected/changed every two years.  Our goal is to make this the most worry free HE Gas Boiler on the market.  The Bobcat comes with a rock solid warranty not full of "voiding" issues and a free 5 year Parts and Labor Warranty.  Top all that with the fact that it was desgned and manufactured right here in LI New York.  I want to thank those of you who have tried this product.  Remember if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact myslef or any of my other collegues here at Slant/Fin. 

    Best Regards,

    Bob Flanagan

    Vice President

    Slant/Fin Corp. 
    Bob Flanagan

    Vice President

    Slant/Fin Corp.
  • Charlie from wmassCharlie from wmass Member Posts: 3,911
    Just because others do not say it

    Does not mean they should not be saying it. The myth that gas requires no service is hard to defeat. Some times by advising people to do what should be done makes you seem less reliable, truth be told Slantfin giving a heads up to check these flame sensors should be applauded because it is nicer to schedule a check up in July and find the rod is border line than it is to be there New Years Eve and say " Can you plug in an electric heater to get through until the wholesalers open up?"
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  • GordoGordo Member Posts: 516
    I Just Want to Say....

    A heartfelt "Thank You" to Slant/Fin for being a Stand-Up Company!

    Their products are Good and it's the people there that put them over the top.

    Thank you again.
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  • SkipRyanSkipRyan Member Posts: 1
    Slant Fin Boilers

    I want to let anyone considering a Slant Fin boiler to know that their products are top

    shelf, and that they hold to their warranty 100% as far as I am concerned. I installed

    a Bobcat three years ago, with absolutely no problems until this fall when it

    began to leak a bit from the heat exchanger. One phone call to tech support to explain

    the situation, and I was told they would send a replacement at no cost to me, and even

    upgraded to the Lynx model ! Less than 2 weeks later I have my new Lynx, running

    perfectly. Slant Fin, and the folks who work there, are number one in my book, and I

    highly recommend their boilers to all. Could not ask for better service.....
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