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Clean carbonized gas boiler or replace? lots of CO

Joseph_4 Member Posts: 271
I have a customer with a 50 yr old Gibralter R30, 85k btu boiler with a liberty combustion gas burner model 225sc. It has never been cleaned in 50 yrs. carbon monoxide detectors went off. I checked it with my digital combustion analyzer and I'm getting numbers in the 2000 ppm range. Chimney is clear. I know its the boiler.  I see  loads of soot . Its carbonized as well. A colleague told me that he heard if you have a carbonized gas boiler and you clean it, it just will carbonize in a year or so again. Is this true? Does it pay to get it cleaned or just replace.


  • Empire_2
    Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343
    "J" in a nut shell

    SInce the age is way up there, well yea they can actually recope enough savings to pay for the ne one in 6 to 10 years.....   Your second Q:  ANY AND ALL boilers can be cleaned,  The question is what caused it in the first place.  What has changed, if anything.  If the CO is bad, it can get very costly in my book.  remember your name will be on it and cause of problem has to be identified.  That's what they pay us for.

    Be sure in your diagnosis and the only reason I say that is that you asked in the first place.  If you are not familiar of cause and affect, it's not a bad thing but remember IT HAS TO BE DONE RIGHT if you clean in.

    Me,......I would bet my house on it, but that's only me.  After 50 Years, this boiler ows them nothing.  It's done its job etc...etc...

    Jokeingly, I heard they have a nursing home for boilers at the end of the rainbow.  Carbon sores are a serious problem and their never cleaned properny....

    My  Dad in in the home and no Diss intended..

    Mike T.
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