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tekmar 269 question

the tekmar 269/279 has an indoor temperature sensor, as well as an outdoor temperature sensor. what would the effect of temporarily opening a window [for fresh air] in the area of the indoor sensor?

if i do this with my visionpro thermostat [equipped with a remote sensor] , then the boiler will run because of the lower temperature in the remote sensor area; but maybe the effect would not be the same for the tekmar.

unfortunately, tekmar have no tech support email address that i can find.--nbc


  • burky1957
    burky1957 Member Posts: 10
    tekmar 279

    Are you opening the window for temporary fresh air or is this an every day thing?

    If it's everyday, then you should move the indoor sensor. It's purpose is to provide indoor temperature readings to the control to cycle the boiler.

    Tekmar likes for their reps to be first contact with tech service. They do have an excellent tech service dept. You can call them by phone or send a message through their regular e-mail. It will get to the right people.
  • Randy Baerg
    Randy Baerg Member Posts: 26
    tekmar steam control and tech support email

    First off for tekmar tech support you can email : [email protected] or call 250-545-7749.

     As for the steam control / indoor sensor question: If the indoor sensor sees the room temperature fall below the controls 'Room' setting it will cause the heating curve to be shifted up. In most cases this will cause an increase in the % on-time calculation.

    As long as you are not in WWSD. 

    The control will fire for a longer period in the heat cycle - phase2 . The greater the amount of error the more shift will occur. There is a limit on how much shift is allowed. Usually recommend a heat cycle length of about 60 minutes to give the reset a good opportunity to vary on times.
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