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portable generator to boiler

For my parents' boilers, I want to add a way for the boilers to run from a generator in time of power outs.  For this I like to ask 3 questions.

1. Will the boiler controls (down to the thermostats) be safe when powered by a generator?  I plan for Inverted technology generators that are supposed to be safe for electronics.

2. Would you recommend a generator?  There seems to be low price and high price generators, both with Honda engine.  Do they all have same Honda engine?

3. Please correct me:  now the power is connected directly to the boiler.  I want to put an outlet in the middle and put a plug on the power line from the main box.  This way the line from main box can be unplugged in a power out and generator can be plugged in.  In case of trouble the generator will become cut off switch.  It sounds simple but do I have it right?  Does the power from the generator behave the same as power from the street?

The boilers are Peerless, more than 30 years old with Honeywell controls of that time.  Nothing is digital.  It is standing pilot gas burner with a small pump.  Thank you in advance.


  • toilburn
    toilburn Member Posts: 44

    If you are not real familiar with electricity, I suggest You hire a licensed electrician. In Dec. of 2008 We had a terrible ice storm up here in north central Mass. with massive, long lasting power outages. I saw many boiler controls along with other appliances cooked by amatuer electricians. I also saw a couple of instances where it was a miracle someone was'nt injured or killed because they did not know what they were doing.
  • k1c
    k1c Member Posts: 2

    Thank you for your reply.  I will talk to an electrician.
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