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Leak Detection

It seems like we are always having trouble locating leaks...Coming into the spring season I am curious to know if there is any tool, method, or combination of the two which may be effective in finding small leaks in home central a/c and heat pump systems. 


  • Techman
    Techman Member Posts: 2,144

    is the best tool! How much freon? How often? How old are the systems? Soap bubbles, or pretty much any electronic leak detector is good. Are there take apart moisture indicators in these systems? Leak check the acess ports[schraders] before you hook up the hoses,check the service valves that have the allen wrench fittings,check the service valves stem packing nuts[ if any].Check the tightness of the flare nuts on the filter drier,and check the tightness of the filter drier/ moisture indicator. Check the schraders on the suction F/D.Some evap coils have a fusible plug that gets weak w/ age.Some evap coils get little,little fatigue holes in them. Some evap coils get eaten away by Chinese sheetrock. Thats for starters! But time and determination and patients and a boss willing to let you look . Its usually cheaper to put in a pound or three and be on your way!
  • JStar
    JStar Member Posts: 2,752
    Just whistle.

    Pump down the system, if you can, and leak test with nitrogen. About 400 psi will make the leaks start hissing. If you still don't hear anything, the leak might be in the condenser or from the schrader valves if you have 'em, which you can check by disconnecting your hoses.
  • Techman

    Thanks for the advice.  No leak in particular yet.  Just trying to be proactive.  I was wondering if there was in fact a quicker way.  But as i suspected, good old elbow grease wins out once again.  Is there any specific sniffer type leak detecting tool you might recommend?  High pressure nitro charge with a refrigerant tracer????
  • sasman
    sasman Member Posts: 32
    Leak detectors


    yellow jacket accuprobe..............410a
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