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Where to get faucets & such? Home Depot vs ??

David07666 Member Posts: 9
I know this is off topic, but I figured it was a good place to ask the question.  I'm having my bathroom redone and need to get faucets and such for the sink and bath.  My plumber, as well as a handyman that I use, are completely against getting it at a Home Depot or a Lowes.  They say that HD's stuff is cheaply made and that it really is worth spending more at a plumbing supply house to get a higher quality product.  They say that the better stuff is installs better and will last longer.  What's your collective take on this?  I'm price sensitive but am happy to pay extra for quality.  I just left a message for my contractor asking him the same question so I don't know yet what he thinks.


  • Jean-David Beyer
    Jean-David Beyer Member Posts: 2,666
    I am a homeowner, not a contractor.

    When I had my kitchen remodeled (granite counter tops, etc.) I got to select the tap for the kitchen sink. The contractor did not care what I selected. I looked around the web and selected something that looked good. I then went to a plumbing supply place near me and they showed me one. It turned out to be nice, but way way too big. So I looked at their other items and got one that is just great. The place was not a big box store. The sink for that remodel was pretty standard, but the steel it was made from was much heavier than what was available at big box stores. It was supplied by the business that cut the granite, so it matched up exactly.

    When I got a new bathroom sink, I selected all the stuff (sink, valves, etc.), and the plumber supplied and installed them. He was impressed by the hardware for the sink, and said he was redoing his bathroom and wanted similar valves. The big box stores near me do not even handle the things I wanted.

    How often do I change the valves in my kitchen or bathroom? Their price was small compared to the total cost of these jobs.
  • Rich Kontny_3
    Rich Kontny_3 Member Posts: 562
    edited March 2010

    The Deltas, Moen and Kohlers you find at the box stores are just boxed different and have some supplies for the DIYs. Special order stuff is not a bargain at the DIY centers and price wise as a contractor you should do better through the wholesaler.

    Some toilets and faucets are actually better priced at the box stores as they volume buy. Most customers these days buy there own.
  • Dave Yates (GrandPAH)
    Dave Yates (GrandPAH) Member Posts: 281
    big box

    They buy in huge quantities and often dictate how those similar products are produced. Not always the same quality and lots of details can be altered under the finish that shows.

    I'd be more concerned about the warranty on the total package. We provide unconditional warranties that cover the products, labor, and all associated materials gfor a minimum of 1-year and longer (depends on the product) if, and only if, we supply the faucet, fixture or whatever. We discovered - the hard way - that there were far too many times when products were defective, cheap imported china fixtures cracked or broke while hand-tightening pop-up assemblies (Paraguay ultra-thin china defect), or emitted odd odors, or simply did not fit, had oddball threads or OD diameters, or missing parts needed to complete an installation. So, as a result, our written warranty policy is that we provide no warranty on products provided by others.

    If saving $10 bucks on a faucet is a gamble you like while one warranty repair might cost hundreds you'd have otherwise saved, or the thousands in damages from a leaking defective faucet (the leaking defective name-brand faucet with cheapened body hidden under the chrome - leaked from a 3rd floor bath down through a dentist's operatory & x-ray equipment - for a week while they were on vacation), then go ahead and roll the dice. We'll be happy to remove, return, & re-install the warranty replacements provided by the big box store too, because that same warranty paper we provide spells out that the owner will be billed for the time. May sound a bit harsh, but that's the reality of operating a professional business with the intent of being in business when you next need service.  

    The minimal profit we make selling products gives us the ability to provide a better warranty than just the product manufacturers or big box stores have. And, because we are willing to give a total package warranty, we strive to utilize only top-quality products. Faucets, for example, are available in varying grades of quality.

    If our customers still want to go the big box, or internet, way we're OK with that too because everyone knows - up front - how things will roll. That's the only fair way for everyone involved.
  • Charlie from wmass
    Charlie from wmass Member Posts: 4,311
    Go to a wholesaler

    or even better get a package deal from your plumber. All Mr. Yates said and then some when it comes to box store supplies. I also feel wholesalers are more familiar with procedures in handling the breakables than the box store help is. Mulch and $700 toilets do not get handled the same way.
    Cost is what you spend , value is what you get.

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  • Gordy
    Gordy Member Posts: 9,537
    My opinion

     Is its all Junk if compared to yesteryear products.

      I paid over 200 bucks for a Price Fister pull out nozzle kitchen tap, The connection to the handle failed in 3 months. Replaced under warranty, and hose broke after 3 more years. Its all under warranty but its the inconvenience till the part arrives when its not operable. So I decided to buy a Kohler faucet, same dollars comparable style. The slide button to switch from spray to stream fell out, and into the garbage disposal after 3 weeks. Again replaced under warranty. We will see what time tells on this one.

     Just had to replace the motherboard in my 4 year old GE profile fridge cost me 270 bucks. It was under the 1 year end of the warranty, so its was not covered. But guess what the newly installed motherboard has a 5 year warranty......Hmmmm think they have been having motherboard issues.

     Bought an Electrolux front load washer dryer set in Oct of 09, thought I would give the Sweds a shot. The heating element went out in the dryer after 5 months. An error  message comes up on the display with the error code, and the phone number to call. They over night the part, and set up an appointment with the nearest company that services Electrolux warranties, it all took 3 days. The dryer still worked, but the diagnostics must sense the part is ready to fail.

      In this day, and age its not about trouble free longevity its about the warranty, and how the company, and the installer stands behind it!!


      Its not so much which brand if you stick with the well known brands, or where you buy it with in reason. I still have Crane shower faucets operating from 1952. Think they will make them like that anymore. No way its about the economic wheel turning supplying parts, and service. Its a business model most companies follow. There would be a lot of unemployment if they did not.

  • george_42
    george_42 Member Posts: 119
    lavatory faucets

    Most lavatory faucets that the box stores handle have plastic pop up assemblies that frequently beak in service. My supply house buys only  faucets with brass pop up assemblies  that work well. When one of my customers supplies plastic assemblies , I usually sell them a metal assembly.
  • CC.Rob
    CC.Rob Member Posts: 128
    go local

    HO here. Big fan of supporting the guys (and girl) at the local supply shop whenever possible. Years of their experience to tap on all kinds of things. Been going there for a decade; they know me. I have an account and get the contractor price on nearly everything. Prices are competitive, and they stand behind all of it. Not a big box within 25 minute drive anyway. The locals are on my way to work....

    The 'store brand' in the box stores is usually junk. As commented above, sometimes the name Kohler, Moen, etc. stuff is just differently packaged.
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