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Dan_15 Member Posts: 388
Anyone following the BPA you guys have an opinion about using CPVC versus copper for DHW applications?  Is there any evidence that CPVC contains BPA, and do you feel strongly one way or the other--or do you have customers who request one versus the other?

I'm trying to understand the specific concerns, so I can be more informed about my own construction project. 

Much appreciated! 



  • Rich Kontny_3
    Rich Kontny_3 Member Posts: 562

      You may want to check out the series the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did on this. I would never use CPVC for any part of the potable water system. I have a problem with the chemicals used for joining the piping and how it leeches into the fluids.

      Pex is my material of choice. I have been working almost exclusively for the last 6 months at a dairy products manufacturer. They use no plastic on the product side only stainless and galvanized. They also use very little copper as it does not hold up to the alkalinity of the milk products they manufacture.

      How is that Grandpa title fitting??
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