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Old radiator valves,

Grega Member Posts: 19
I have a very old home i am dealing with. I need to replace the existing angled radiator valves with something new. It would be nice to be able to locate some refurbished or saved valves to match, but not holding my breath.

If you know what these are and where i can find replacements, please let me know. I have tried the suppliers here but the valves are not matcing up. Thanks in advance.

Pipe size is 3/4". from center of valve to end of tail piece is roughly 2 7/8" to 3".  From the center of the tail piece to the bottom of valve is 1 1/2".


  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 14,831
    edited March 2010
    You have an "O-E" Vapor System

    which stood for Ostrander & Esperon.

    If those valves are stuck, they can usually be taken apart, cleaned and repaired. We've done this on old valves of several different makes.

    If they are beyond where this will help, check with the Tunstall Corporation. They will probably either have or be able to make repair parts for these valves. They are also able to add thermostatic elements to many valves so they will respond to room temperatures- useful in bedrooms and other places you might want to keep cooler than the rest of the house. Tunstall's site is here:

    Why repair an old valve instead of completely replacing it? You don't have to take anything out besides the valve bonnet and stem assembly. Removing the valve spud from the radiator can be quite a job, as most of us on the Wall can attest.

    As to the system itself: Vapor systems, like the O-E, were the Cadillac of heating in their day and are still one of the best out there. The radiator return connections on the O-E had little water seals in them which kept steam from getting into the returns. You MUST operate this system at ounce pressures to avoid blowing the water out of the seals, which can cause banging.

    Here's a link to more on the O-E, including the Ostrander patents:

    Where are you located?
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  • Grega
    Grega Member Posts: 19

    The valves were there and working in December, The bank forclosed on the home and when i went back to restart the system, most of the handles and guts had been taken for what ever reason. Now i need to find replacements or replacement parts. The traps are all Hoffman 18's now. I dont know when they were changed.

    I am in Michigan
  • Grega
    Grega Member Posts: 19

    Had no luck with Tunstall. Is there any other place i could look or call?
  • hoss50
    hoss50 Member Posts: 12
    Rad valves

    I dealt with a guy some years back. He was in either The Bronx or Manhattan,N.Y.

    His name is Alan Goidel 718-356-1829.

    Hopefully he's still around
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