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Losing hot water

Rob_55 Member Posts: 35
Hi again,

   I've noticed that since we've moved in (about 1.5 years ago) our hot water hasn't been lasting as long as it did when we first bought the house.  We aren't taking longer showers or using more hot water.   It just seems to get cold quickly and is not as hot as it used to be.  I've even turned up the temperature to about 135 degrees.  I'm afraid to go hotter in case a child accidentally turns the hot water on in a sink.

I have a feeling something is wrong with the coil.  From my last post, someone identified my boiler as a WM 68 series.  Mine has an internal tankless water heater.  Does this need to be cleaned annually?  If so, could this be the cause? 



  • toilburn
    toilburn Member Posts: 44
    Tankless coil

    Depending on the water quality, coils eventually get inefficient due to buildup on the ouyside and inside. The best solution is an indirect water heater. If that is too costly for you, change the coil.
  • Rob_55
    Rob_55 Member Posts: 35
    Coil cost

    How much does a new coil typically cost?

    Also, I've noticed the water level in the sight glass rises slowly.  Before I fixed the high pressure problem I had, I would need to fill the boiler a little once a month.  Now, I don't fill it at all and over 1 month, the water level will rise about 1/4 - 1/2  inch on its own.  Does this mean my water heater is leaking into the boiler?
  • toilburn
    toilburn Member Posts: 44

    The coil is likely leaking. A new coil is about $250.00 plus installation
  • djthx
    djthx Member Posts: 52
    Leaking Coil?

    If the coil is currently leaking, wouldn't the boiler be flooding? 
  • Rob_55
    Rob_55 Member Posts: 35
    Slow leak

    I think it is a very slow leak.  Like I said, the water level only rises about 1/4" over a 1 month period....if it does fully break, I'm betting my radiators will be swimming.
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