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Radiator hookup

Hi all,

As part of a bathroom remodel, I'm replacing a "vanilla" 1-pipe steam standing radiator with a wall mount. Available space dictates that I mount the radiator vertically (taller rather than wider). Because of the way the sections were cast, the supply must enter what is now the bottom of the radiator.

While I don't recall anything saying why, it seems like all steam radiators were "meant" to have steam enter from the side. Do you think this matters in this case? Would one of the following piping arrangements be preferrable?



EDIT- Hmm... can't seem to attach my little Paint drawing. Essentially, I'm talking about adding a 90 to the bottom of the radiator so the condensate doesn't drop immediately from the rad to the riser versus using a straight valve from the riser to the bottom of the rad.


  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 14,838
    You don't need the elbow

    unless you need to adjust the radiator's relationship to the riser. We have several wall rads fed from underneath via gate valves and they work fine. 
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  • Patrick_North
    Patrick_North Member Posts: 249

    Thanks, I won't sweat it, then.

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