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Classic North Jersey Install

RAF Member Posts: 65
This is a job a looked at the other day. I wonder why water is coming out of every vent in the house when the unit runs???????? and all the radiator vents are in the top tapping and the bathroom has a key vent in it.


  • Polycarp
    Polycarp Member Posts: 135

    ...that's some pretty nice solder work...

    Momma always said, if you can't say something nice, say something vague.  ;)
  • JStar
    JStar Member Posts: 2,752

    Looks like something one of my coworkers would do, and then tell me it's the way the book draws it.
  • TheMadScientist
    TheMadScientist Member Posts: 11
    For a newb

    Risers are opposing each other into the header.  No electrolysis isolation between copper and steel. Third pic? What is wrong?

    Did I get it right?  Just trying to learn. Thanks. 
  • nicholas bonham-carter
    nicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,576
    nice joints

    what is that red drum in the end photo?--nbc
  • RAF
    RAF Member Posts: 65
    The Drum

    The Drum oh that's picking up the condensate that rolls across the kitchen floor.

    Do you think insulation would help?

    Here is the Equlizer connection. Think I'll paint it black.

    If you are new to steam this is not how to pipe your new boiler so keep reading.
  • Shane_2
    Shane_2 Member Posts: 191

    Well, I think that installer got to central Jersey as well. Kills me, worst part is they think they did a good job. Did you find the installation instructions or were they used to light the pilot?
  • I must of died and gone to North Jersey....

    just about every Weil steamer around here I see is installed like that.  There is an old time contractor that's been installing EG-EGH steamers since they came out and insists that is the proper way to install them.  Oh Weil!!!!!
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  • clammy
    clammy Member Posts: 3,094
    getting what they paid for

    being from and working in north jersey my whole life what your looking at is very common but most of the time it' s price driven ,from my point the HO sees the price given by most who perform that type of install as what it should cost and alot of them that do receive the correct price for a properly installed steam boiler see it as over the top and unnecessary  due to you being the one with the highest price and the only one who id talking about proper piping and changing  vents or insulating piping beside wanting to take a look at the rads in there home  and the rest of the basement and it's piping ,it's very competitive pricng in this area and there is alot of cut 2 pipe and slide it in ,it's a hard habit to break from both sides and as tough as times are it's getting to be a harder sale as time goes on but there are always some HO 's and contractor's who do there home work and do do the job correctly but as others have stated it's a hard line to tow  and when troubleshooting improperly piped steam boilers it is even a harder sale to get them to pay for a re pipe when it nearly as much as the they paid for the originally improperly installed boiler in the first place quite funny i have even heard of the HO complaining to  supply houses,dist and manufactures of steam boiler for there improperly installed steamers how they made out is unknown to me because they did not want to pay for the re-piping so i just lost there # and i doubt they had the original installers re-pipe being they would not return the original calls of there being issues another case of the check cleared and no ethics of the original installer or they say this that's the way those new steam boiler operate  and i can change it to a hot water system which are much better any way .i am done with my rant Peace and good luck clammy
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