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Condensate Heating

Hello and Thankyou in advance

 We just got a small apt house, Burnham Steam boiler. Amtroll Hot water maker(yes its too small for the 3 bathrooms IMO) Heating off the condensate..front   feed is below the water line, about mid way up.... Return is front return with a double tap bushing and a dip tube, pinched off at the end,with holes drilled through to mix the water......Feed .Water does not condensate Hot....for some reason it is mixing.....what am I missing? The are using a Taco 007(should be a Taco 110)

anyone have a piping diagram? I search Dans book Lost Art and cannt find one,,,,,any advice?  Thanks Rich


  • RAF
    RAF Member Posts: 65
    What ?

    I think you need to more specific here. I'm guessing you are asking about the piping to your side arm heater if it is correct or not.
  • RAF
    RAF Member Posts: 65
    My thoughts

    My guess is your feed would be fine where it is but I would think you would be better off if the return was piped into a bottom boiler tapping or drain with a tee on the back of the boiler . You didn't mention any aquastat to maintain temp on the boiler do you have one?  Example Honeywell L4006
  • Richard D.
    Richard D. Member Posts: 32

    Thanks for the reply.. Yea more info would be good LOL.

    Problem is  when the Amtroll is heating up, the feed pipe is warm sometimes hot. so its not heating the tank......HW 4006 to maintain aprox 180/190 deg F...007  is fine. pulled out and checked..Dip tube  was dirty,but the tech cleaned it out. Dip tube on double tap bushing on the bottom of the boiler... feed   about 4/5" below the water line. IMO it apears  not to be mixing the HOT boiler water with the return water from the Amtroll.  so instead of HOT  bolier water mixing with the cooler Amtroll  return water, the return water seems to  go straight to the feed water back to Amtroll w/o mixing.,Basicly when the Amtroll is heating up and the Steam boiler is 190Deg, you can hold your hand on the feed water pipe to the Amtroll....Hope I explained itr better,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Thatnks Rich
  • RAF
    RAF Member Posts: 65

    I your 007 installed in the right direction?  What size supplyand return lines are hooked up to the Amtrol?
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