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Hoffman vs Gorton

Polycarp Member Posts: 135
This summer I'll be adding the sorely needed vents to my one-pipe system.


jpf321's spreadsheet, my system really only needs 2 Gorton #1s (so I'll probably do 3).  But while I can get Hoffman 75s at the local supply, I would have to order in Gortons.   When you count shipping, the Hoffmans are cheaper .. and the retailer is local if there are any problems.

There seems to be a general preference for Gortons around here.  Are they better?  Better enough to justify the price and decreased convenience? 

Thanks guys!


  • jpf321
    jpf321 Member Posts: 1,567
    please note...

    the sheet does not make recommendations for Hoffman Main vents .. so be sure that you know what you are getting when considering the Hoffmans .. the sheet does have recommendations for Hoffman rad vents IIRC.
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  • The Steam Whisperer (Formerly Boilerpro)
    edited February 2010

    are a very good valve, but just have less capacity than the Gortons, so are more expensive for larger venting needs.   Also, they are not as touchy for use in areas with high ambient temps.  Gortons are known to stay closed when ambients are high, even when they should be open.

    Both are good choices.
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  • Polycarp
    Polycarp Member Posts: 135
    Gorton to Hoffman

    I saw on the spreadsheet, and on other places on the wall, that 4 G#1's equal 1 G#2 and that 3 Hoffman #75s equal one Gorton #2. If I've understood that right, I should be able to replace G#1s with Hoffmans one-to-one with no problem, I would actually be increasing my capacity some. Since my quantity is based on the slower G#1s, I could also go to Gortons if I ever had the need.

    That is, if I am reading those equivalencies right.
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