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Mechanical room photos?

I am just starting a hydronics job in a fancy modern single family house.  The mechanical space is going to be highly visible so I am looking for photos of nice mechanical room setups so I can get some ideas.  Does anyone know of a good website or link with some good "hall of fame" shots?



  • Robert O'Brien
    Robert O'Brien Member Posts: 3,522
    edited February 2010
    Hows this?

    This is very visible in this house,albeit not radiant
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  • Simply Rad
    Simply Rad Member Posts: 176
    Function and form

    We always try to use galvanized backing.  It makes your work look

    great, and its easy to clean.  I would suggest taking time laying the

    mech room out starting in the very beginning of the project.  My mech

    rooms are layout when we are in the underground phase of the job.  My

    first thoughts are where the boiler goes so that we can install the

    floor drain in close proximity. 

    Jeffrey Campbell
  • Andruid_2
    Andruid_2 Member Posts: 42
    Wish it wasn't hiding

    I built this in the shop on two sheets of plywood, drove it 3.5 hours, and installed it at the jobsite.  After spending time and energy to make it look attractive, it got stashed away in a closed up mechanical room.  It's probably the wethead in me, but if it was my house, I'd put it out in the garage where I could see it every day.
  • Boone1
    Boone1 Member Posts: 2
    Nice Job

    Don't see fine workmanship anymore.  Very professional
  • JharrisSeattle
    JharrisSeattle Member Posts: 26
    A couple

    Here is a couple. btw: The second pic is my first install using Auqatherm climatherm polypropelene pipe. I really like the product although it is a pain to work with.  (and for those that noctice, yes the S/R boiler primary orientation is backwards and was fixed prior to operation...just a lil brain fart on my part as the stress was on working with the new product tryin to make the boss man happy ;)
  • dano415
    dano415 Member Posts: 22
    nice layout!!

    Could you provide some more pictures of your mechanical room.  I wish there was a book that just showed small mechanical room set ups?  I'm in the process of designing a  fin/tube emitter system and most of the books I have don't have useful pictures.

    I'm grateful for this site though.

    I'm a newbie.  I'm referring to the very first posted picture(looks like a two zone system).

    If anyone out there has pictures of any small system set-ups(boiler, 1, 2 zone,

    just baseboard emitters, etc);   I would like to see your system.

    There's a need for a book on hydronic heating with a lot of pictures. 

    I'm a small general contractor/electrician and need study material--besides

    the bible--Siegenthaler(1st ed.).  Sorry, for my rambling.  Oh, I know I should hire a Professional, but my budget is tight. 
  • smarje1
    smarje1 Member Posts: 2
    Awesome Job!

    I am getting ready to start a radiant heat project and i have been using this photo as inspiration!  I agree with you, if this were my wall i might even put it in the living room or the master bedroom. 
  • Jean-David Beyer
    Jean-David Beyer Member Posts: 2,666
    Confused about lower left part of picture...

    It appears that there is a ground strap that goes from the copper water supply (?) over to the white PVC pipe that emptys into the drain. That does not seem to make sense, since the PVC is non-conducting and at the end in the picture, there is an air gap before it empties into the drain. I assume I misinterpret that part of the picture. What is really going on there?
  • Paulypfunk
    Paulypfunk Member Posts: 18
    Here is what I came up with

    Thanks for the input guys.  Here is what the project ended up looking like.  Thanks for the inspiration and help with questions.
  • Andruid_2
    Andruid_2 Member Posts: 42
    optical illusion

    That is a ground wire disappearing behind the pvc pipe.  The thing on the pipe is a black zip tie holding a low voltage wire to the back of it.  That p-trap is where the pressure relief valves empty into.
  • Andruid_2
    Andruid_2 Member Posts: 42
    Great work!

    I especially like the manifold in the center of it all...it's well placed.
  • MikeyB
    MikeyB Member Posts: 696
    edited October 2010

    Very nice work, love everything about it, the way the bx cable is laid out (did you do the electrical as well?) the way the maifold tubing flares out, and how you ran all the piping,Love the escutcheons, alot of very nice work in a small amount of space. Well Done.
  • dano415
    dano415 Member Posts: 22
    Thanks for the photos

    Beautiful work.  This might be the last trade where I can honestly call a picture of

    a job-- "a work of art".  I had an older electrician tell me the art of being an

    electrician went out with Scotch locks--I don't agree, but there's still something to

    a boiler layout that functional and looks neat.  Again thanks for the pictures, and thanks for not telling me to get lost.  My initial post ruffled a few feathers--It kind of surprised me.  Actually, I understand where the heating contractors were coming from, but personally,

    I'll teach almost anyone as long as their willing and still believe in unions(most unions).

    My union priced themselves out of a market.
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