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Steam HO!

Robbie Member Posts: 41
The saga continues, however...

The "Utility Futility" thread described the problems I have been having with PSE&G. Last week we found the right person- one of the field service reps came out and looked not only at my meter, but the photos taken three months ago, before the other two meters were removed, and agreed I had used NO GAS!

So, my bill is being corrected, with the current reading as the start...

This morning, I had an HVAC guy who's been helping me with other stuff leak check the gas lines, and light the water heater...I now have hot water for the first time since I've owned the house!

THEN, I had him double check the furnace, check the radiators, and FIRE THE BOILER! We Have HEAT!!! All is working nicely, but I wondered why it was firing so long: simple- the Pressuretrol was set to 8psi! Never changed it when it arrived, and hadn't thought to... So I wound it back to about 1.5psi. Unit shut right down, and then resumed normal operation. We did discover a couple simple leaks in the steam loop, but nothing we can't resolve in a couple hours.

All Radiators installed worked well, except for the smell of paint from them- I had been using Zip-Strip on some to clean them, and it is cooking off. Other than the smell, they worked well. Everything seemed to do what it should. My plan is to use the radiators as they are for now, then pull and strip them one at a time over the summer. For control purposes, I put variable vents on the upstairs radiators, and regular vents downstairs, as I figured, since heat rises, the upstairs will probably end up warmer, so being able to cut the radiators earlier will help.

So, I am now happy about the heat- It WORKS, there were no major noises, and we should be able to move in (into a partially restored house) this weekend.

We have HEAT!!!


  • Congratulations!

    Congratulations! It must be great to finally have everything working!  You're probably going to have to skim your boiler a couple of times as new boiler always seems to shake stuff in the piping loose plus you have the oil film from inside the new pipes. I'm glad everything worked out for you.

    - Rod
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