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Hot water zone

Mark N
Mark N Member Posts: 1,090
I would like to add a hot water zone to my steam boiler to heat a 2 room addition.  The way I would like to do it is to use an Everhot heat exchanger like I've seen on Gerry Gill's web site.  I've seen the piping diagrams for this arrangement, what I'm interested in is a wiring diagram.  The system uses two circulators.  One between boiler and the Everhot and one for the zone.  Do both of the circulators come one when the zone calls for heat or does the one between the boiler and everhot run when ever the boiler runs to keep the water in heat exchanger hot.  Do you mount the aquastat on the boiler or on the Everhot.  What is the best control to use to control this zone. 




  • Mark N
    Mark N Member Posts: 1,090
    Heat Exchanger

    I've looked over both ways to do it.  It just seems to me that doing it with heat exchanger is the better way to do it. 

  • Charlie from wmass
    Charlie from wmass Member Posts: 4,195
    Using a heat exchanger is best if

    you are pumping to a zone above the boilers water line. you could use a small indirect water heater I prefer super-stor due to the low height of the coil but the other brands can be used when properly piped in. If the zones are small and there is a location for it a tankless heater can be used in the boiler. Confirm the boiler has the power to heat the zone without stopping steam production.
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