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high compression reset

The high compression reset button on the outside unit of my heat pump keeps kicking filter installed.......

I noticed it happened then stopped when we had a cold snap, temps in 30s and below. yesterday almost 50 degress outside and started again.

If i go outside and hit reset it starts, runs gets to temp inside, then when the unit kicks back on the high compression reset outside is off again and only the air handler in attic runs..

any ideas?


  • Eugene Silberstein
    Eugene Silberstein Member Posts: 1,380
    High head pressure

    The control you are referring to is the high pressure control and will open if the pressure on the "high side" of the system reaches unsafe levels. When your heat pump is operating in the heating mode, the indoor portion of the system is the high pressure side. The most common cause for the opening of the high pressure switch is improper airflow through the indoor coil. You mentioned that you replaced the air filter, which is the number one cause for excessively high pressure on a heat pump system. Be sure to check for closed supply registers, blocked return grills, dirty indor coil or anything else that might impede airflow in the duct system.

    Keep us posted.
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