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Best location for drain valves

In laying out the pipe placement (near-boiler piping) I will have several drain valves.  These will be for cleaning out the following: condensate return, boiler mud leg, skimming and LWCO.  The LWCO valve is directly below the unit itself.  The location of the other valves and output of LWCO is what I question.  For the sake of convenience all drains will exit on the left side of the boiler, just above the floor, into a floor drain.  The wet return and boiler mud leg originate at the right-rear of boiler, head left, behind the boiler and then turn left again to come forward of the boiler, just above the floor.  Again, for the sake of convenience, I would like to place the valves on the left-front of the boiler, near the ends of each clean out pipe.  This will allow much easier access to the valves.  However, is there an issue to having the valves so far away from the boiler?

For skimming, since I need to add the pipe & fittings to do this, I intend on leaving it installed on the boiler.  I will valve this piping as well, and plumb it down to the floor with the other clean out pipes, unless there is problem with taking the pipe to the floor.  Dos it matter where I place this valve (at the end of the clean out, again, would be most convenient)?

For the LWCO, I would like to simply pipe the end of this down with the other clean outs.  Are there any foreseeable problems with doing this?

With all pipe, I will of course, be sure none of it interferes with the regular maintenance, operation or repair of the burner or any other parts of the boiler.

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