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Mission Impossible?

Brian_74 Member Posts: 237
With lots of help from the Wall, I've quieted my vapor system down tremendously--except for the addition ("sunroom"). This addition has baseboard heating around the exterior perimeter. I think it has two supplies and two returns, but it might have only one supply. There are traps on both of the returns, and these traps were just replaced along with all the other traps. I don't think that the supplies are insulated. The hammering at the beginning of the cycle would seem to confirm that.

As you can see, I don't know a lot about the situation. Why not? Because the addition was built on a slab and there is almost no access to the underneath. There is one opening to it in the basement that's maybe 2x1 (think upper 1/4 of a basement window). I thought about cutting the joist where the supply pipes run through and "feeding" the insulation in 1' pieces, but the thermal expansion noises I hear make me think that the pipe is too close to the subfloor or joist for me to do this. The pipe also goes up after it passes through the joist (see photo).

I've got the pressure down and added main vents, both of which helped a bit.

Aside from ripping up the flooring or hiring a trained monkey, any ideas?
1929 Ideal Heating vapor system.


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    my vote is for the monkey, but make sure he is steam certified!

    what about making this area a water heating loop fed from the boiler. you  would need to disconnect the run from the steam main and return, and connect it to the boiler with a small expansion tank, and a pump.--nbc
  • Brian_74
    Brian_74 Member Posts: 237
    Very Clever!

    Thanks, Nicholas. That's a very clever solution. I'll have to look into it. I appreciate the idea, especially since the monkey doesn't seem to be working out. He goes bananas for steam, but he refuses to work for peanuts. (groan)


    1929 Ideal Heating vapor system.
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