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overheating by 1 degree

robert shaw 9600 overheats by 1 degree

seems silly I know but it bothers a customer

 tried adjusting the spread

tried covering up a bit of baseboard nearest to thermostat

to set it one degree lower is the obvious answer, she doesn't like it though.

 this is the one downside to digital thermostats

her old tx-4oo probably did the same thing but she was never aware of it.

any ideas?
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  • Empire_2
    Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343
    edited February 2010
    Ask her what the other rooms are reading?

    I would uncover the base you described and take your diff to 1*.  Since the water in the line upon satisfied temp is roughly 170-=180* is will dissipate the residual heat through convection.  Me:?  I wouldn't complain but I know the type of customer you are dealing with.  Usually in the industry there are some situations where it is critical for accurate temp but in this case, Switch her back to a conventional T-87 where she cannot tell the difference.  I will almost bet that some of the other rooms are 1* cooler...  Since she cannot see that, there lies the problem.  You can also try to take your aquastat down to 170 or so see what happens.  T-stats in the home should say Comfortable/Uncomfortable in her case.  I know ladies noses are more sensative than men ,but Jokingly blind fold her (get you mind out of the gutter) turn the stat to 73, then ask her to tell you when that temp is acheived.  You may be suprised.  If she is accurate,.....Honeywell is looking for a great temp control person...:-)

    My .02

    Mike T.
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