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0-3psi #33020

mikemmikem Member Posts: 1
i just received my 0-3psi #33020 for the steam boiler. Now to put it to work.

I plan to take mthe pressuretropl off the pigtail and the with a T fitting abd a few brass nipples, and elbows, reattach the ptrol to one side of the "tree" abd the 0-3psi gauge to the other side. I will not touch the 0-30psi guage.

I am going to use a black iron union. that way I can get most of it together on the beanch. From the union, the retst will be breass fittings. Should I use the same sealant on both the iron and brass. Teflon and/or rectorseal #5 ?

We stil have the two-pipe, air vent system (1900??) with radiators with two supply valvers and air vents.

Thanks for the help fronm HeatingHelp and Dan Holohans books!


  • LanceLance Member Posts: 142
    Pressuretrol reattach

    If your pressure trol has a mercury bulb, make sure the bulb travel is perpendicular to the pigtail movement. Otherwise it makes no difference.  Some gauges are internal trapped and may not need a pigtail trap to protect them. Follow the mfg instructions on the pipe dope container, brass to iron should not be a problem.
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