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insulative paint?

Rick_41 Member Posts: 67
Has anyone actually used these? (Supertherm, Insulad etc)  Some really bold statements but I find them  hard to believe. Supertherm is apparently endorsed by Bob Villa from the THIS OLD HOUSE show. He doesn't have a lot of credibility with me as he has endorsed other things that I think are solely money driven. (IE EDENPURE HEATERS)

I had use of a IFrared  cam and I didn't see any difference of part of a wall that had the interior of that wall painted with one of these paints. Not sure there is much difference in brands and frankly I don't remember which one we had used (it was painted  a few years prior)

but I can't say I have any real numbers of a unit that had the interior of exterior walls done and any really comparison of data of heat use.

Any real use of these or a real independent study/review of these? 


  • malp
    malp Member Posts: 27

    The website makes a couple claims:

    [The paint] has two reflective ceramics to reflect sunlight and radiant heat while the third

    compound works to stop heat and/or cold conduction through the coating film

    The last claim is bunk. Nothing as thin as paint will hinder conduction significantly unless it's a vaccum.

    If the wall's surface temperature is much lower than room temperature, the paint could affect radiant heat loss. Dan's article "Does the color of a radiator matter?" confirms it. You could do the calculation for radiant heat transfer yourself. The equations for predicting radiative heat loss between two bodies are dead simple. The only unknown is the surface emissivity of the fancy paint vs regular paint. Unless the fancy paint is reflective, I'm guessing the difference is insignificant.
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